now this is living

literally slowest upload ever

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new video up soon!!! subscribe to my channel so you see when it’s up

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Anonymous said: OMG if you don't answer my question about where you got your bathing suit I will cry

lmfao its RVCA

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Anonymous said: I know this is a more than likely "thread" idk... but I thought of a question that I'm curious how you and cammie would respond to. Would it bother either of you in the long term scenario if the other chose not to "label" themselves as gay and just was someone who loved you and you happened to be the same gender as them. ... Would not identifying themselves as gay be a deal breaker?

I would never have any problem with that.. I hope one day that kind of thinking is the norm

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Anonymous said: laugh during sex

laugh all the time

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Fj62 Sleeping Quarters 

next year

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Anonymous said: Who's going to carry the baby when you guys decide you want a kid

We both will take turns and if we can afford it we will each surrogate for each other

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VIDEO RECORDED.. I’ll be editing it and posting it later this week!

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Anonymous said: What is the "more likely to" challenge?

we just go through a bunch of “more likely to” scenarios and hold up a sign saying which one of us is more likely to do it.. or just any kind of question like “who’s funnier”

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message me some “more likely to…” ideas! we’re about to shoot this shit

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can a clap be offbeat with no music?

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us in a nutshell

us in a nutshell

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